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These pesky adverts

Mo Murphy

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So the forum A&Ms have decided to accept advertising revenue in order to fund the forum because they can't raise enough from the forum membership.

This is deeply disappointing to me as any advertiser paying money to the forum coffers has a hold of some sort over the forum. Something I don't like and had hoped I'd never see.

Subscriptions by standing order cover only 20% of the forums outgoings. We need to change this to 100% and get rid of these 'effin adverts.

So I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and do a standing order for a fiver a month, although you only need to put in a couple of quid a month to fend off Mr. Google and his corporate cronies.

So which is it to be ? Corporate greed or forum independence ?


Post below if you're pledging to set up a standing order only.

Who's with me (sound of wind as tumbleweed rolls by ;) )


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Been doing it for ages mate (standing order that is) :)

You do all realise the Google highly tuned ad engine has targeted those Esther Rantzen specifically at Nige having analysed his tales of waxoiled cats, black toes, burns and general workshop mayhem.

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Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou - all who have both voted in the poll

and voted with their wallets - it really really is much appreacaited.

In just 24 Hours the 'future' has slowed down, and taken a small turnaround,

we are not excactly out of the woods funding wise yet, but with the commitment

of those generous members with Standing Orders and Lump sum contributions, things

are already very different, and I know there will be more to come.

It is essential that we get this forum on a sound financial basis so that the future is secure,

as so many of the PMs to me have said, members have and continue to save fortunes, and gain almost

invaluable help from this forum, our job in the A&M Team is just to manage the forum and just to

reiterate again, none of the A&M team take any expenses, fees, or any monetary gain for their services,

all of the A&M TEam give their time for free, and we are actually slightly humbled by the loyal

support and passion shown for this forum

Thankyou all for your donations, and standing orders so far, and those to come <hint> :P

There is more to come, as Happyoldgit said the "Donate" is a Stop gap, and for those who have contributed

you will benifit not only knowing you are supporting this forum, but in other ways post the poll closing

In the meantime enjoy Esther, and her chums :rofl:


Treasurer LR4x4


And to Mo Murphy for starting this thread :P:D

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sent cheque for fire fighting call up, setting up SO after checking brown and purple beer tokens in wallet in jan.

i think everyone should look at how many times a week they dip in for five minutes, then look at the Sun or Mirror at 30 p for five minutes total entertainment. Yup fiver a week.

only prob no female appendages aside from usual culprits on pay and play on video section.............. no didn't say a thing

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It is essential that we get this forum on a sound financial basis so that the future is secure,


Treasurer LR4x4

Maybe you should be asking why after years of no funding issues why it's so difficult now.

It would be interesting to know the popularity stats of the forum over the last few years and how it compares recently.

Maybe funding wouldn't be so much of an issue if the site had changed with the times and listened to recurring requests/suggestions from users.

Personally, I think the decision to allow the current ads was really stupid. It may have been done as a shock tactic and you may or may not view it as successful, but it was still a ridiculous decision. I'd like to know who suggested that one.

As far as I can tell a number of people have made suggestions on way to structure funding and it seems to fall on deaf ears - unless I'm wrong. The suggestion of Pirate like structure has been made numerous times and yet nothing results. Not even a poll of the users.

Personally the small minded shock tactic use of ads has put me off donating and I won't in future unless I see a change in forum management style.



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