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Green Lanes In East Anglia?

Mocha Bear

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Hello all,

Basically I am going home for x mas for a couple of weeks and would like to go and do a few lanes whilst I am there. I will be in south Norfolk so any information people have about good lanes in the area would be much appreciated.

Thetford Forest would make a good starting point, I have been looking on the internet for more info about the fire tracks and whether they can be used of not but have not been able to find much information.

Any help would be great, maps, GPS points, memory map overlays etc! If anyone is up for coming out with me that would be great too!

Thank you!


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Just a pointer, if you venture into Thetford Forest give your wheels a wash (ford? :ph34r:) before heading out into any other conifer forests.

Thetford is very badly affected by Red Band Needle Blight, and I think there have been recommendations to not use the lanes in order to help stem the spread of it. I know there were similar calls in South Wales a little while back.

That said, I doubt a couple of vehicles will make much difference :)

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I have a MM overlay with all the Byways in that area highlighted. I have no idea if any of them have restrictions on them or anything like that. I have just highlighted every byway on the map, you would have to check the legalities of using the lanes yourself if that makes sense.

If the overlay is of any use PM me your email address and i'll send it to you



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There are plenty of good lanes for a gentle meander around that area, and enough to keep you occupied for a day or less if you want.

As for knowing what to drive it's quite simple. Basically all Boats and UCR's are ok to drive. If there is a temporary or permanent restriction order you'll find it signposted at all entry exit points of lanes. So it's easy to spot when you shouldn't be driving on it. Both Norfolk and Sussolk CC's are very good at this.

You do have seasonal TRO's on a number of BOATs around there, run from Nov to May you can see Suffolk's list here..

Suffolk TRO's

unfortunately Norfolk doesn't publicly list their TRO's so you'll have to take pot luck or look at current definitive map.



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Thank you everyone for your replys, I have been in touch with the GLASS rep for the area and have got some tips from him. As for the memory map overlays offered by Simon that would be perfect then atleast I can check the lanes around home!

I will send you a PM in a moment!

Thanks again


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