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2011 Challenges Joint Venture


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All 3 clubs over the past few years, organiseed,Run, and invited each other to Winch challenge events,we all use the same sites,Are MSA affiliated (restrained? lol) have the same type of vehicles entering, so to make life a little better for Organisers / competitors, we have got together and Organised some cool events, and a place to commonly share info, pics, vids,ect. simples!!


In association with the twisted minds that enjoy

Nightmare challenge :ph34r:

LRS Challenge


MOC Challenge

ect ;)

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The MSA permit has arrived this morning, Will this be the first MSA challenge of the new year???

This will be a "hunt the punch" style event at Little Witley, Worcestershire (WR6 6LE), This is not a huge site but it does have a lot to offer. As its a MSA event you will need competition licenses' spill kits etc.

Scrutineering opens at 8:00 followed by the team briefing at 9:30 and start time being 10:00.

For more information please see :


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