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Leaking Td5 Fuel Regulator Theory


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I've seen posts about leaky fuel regs. and seen the how to in the tech section. It was one of the cons that comes with the Td5 when I was weighing up which engine to put in my truck.

The engine I sourced had the leaky fuel reg. but even though I had the engine out, I fell short of replacing the regualtor, partly due to cost, partly cause a sepcialist suggested that the new reg would just end up leaking too.

Anyway, after the transplant the reg wasn't leaking any more and didn't for, I'm guessing about 15k miles.

The only thing that was different in the immediate fuel system was that I'd changed the fuel filter.

Now, after checking the flow of the fuel circuit in a Td5 vehicle, I'm thinking that return fuel heading form the regulator may experience excess pressure caused by a fuel filter that's past it's best. Thus causing the fuel to search its way out through the chink in the armour, the fuel reg.

Anyone any thoughts?

Like I said mnes leaking again. I'm going to change my filter asap, clean up around the regulator and take careful stock of things, then see whether it makes a difference. I know 15k is well shy of the 24k service interval on a fuel filter but I'm always on the beach and have the old aviation type fuel filler and you could probably drive a civilian vehicle through the gaps in the fuel cap seal.


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I regularly change my filters (every 6k). When my regulator leaked I changed that but not the filter. If the filter had been the problem surely the new regulator would leak again when fitted with the old filter?

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There's also a direct correlation to temp and frequency of leaks. In winter you have more people experiencing leaks due to lower temp and the o-rings leaking.

If your fuel filter theory doesn't work, I'd suggest just changing the o-ring. Someone helpfully posted up the o-ring specs, so a search might find it.



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