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Tdi oil pressure

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Hi everyone.

Could any of you who have oil pressure gauges please tell me what readings you get when the oil is fully warmed up (20 minutes of driving in this weather, for those without oil temperature gauges), both at idle and mission rpm?

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Thanks, Western. Those figures translate as 25-55psi, which my 12J got, and my Tdi has 55psi cold at all rpm, but when it reaches the last few moments of temperature gauge rise to the exact centre of the normal arc, where it stabilises, the pressure drops off quite a bit. it seems to be as the oilstat opens. I'm trying to find out what seems to be normal pressure, as I'm getting conflicting information about observed pressures rather than book figures.

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Well, that seems comforting - I'm getting about 15-20psi at idle and 37ish at higher rpm. I'd be grateful for more reports from others, but maybe these lower figures are not something to worry about and are typical of warm Tdis.

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