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Good value pry bar?


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Can anyone recommend a good value pry bar for checking bushes etc on a land rover?

I've looked on ebay but I can't really judge the size or quality. I could easily overspend or get something not suitable for the job without a bit of a pointer.

Having previously come from the world of motorbikes I don't have one in my tool kit ....

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Do not buy a gorilla bar out of B&Q as I managed to break a couple of them when I was doing Mains drainage clearances in west London about 10 years ago, I managed to break off about 1.5 - 2 inches off of the sharp end as i was trying to gain access to the man hole by loosening/removing the cover with the gorilla bar-I did'nt use any hammers on them, neither was I using something else to lever them up as in an extra length of tubing to gain that extra bit of leverage

And yes I am heavy handed laugh.gif

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