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300 tdi for v8?


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Hi all. A mate of mine has a 300tdi in his defender 90 and he says its put a piston rod through the block. I havent seen it yet but could it have done much more damage??

He is wanting to put a v8 in it and im after a tdi to go in mine. I have a v8 sat in the shed that needs some head gaskets so was thinking of straight swapping. But what are the chances of me finding a block to bolt the other bits onto?

Or am i better off just buying a complete working tdi engine?

cheers Russell

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Agreed, it will be more than the block that's goosed, at least one rod and probably the crank, plus possible head damage.

It'll make a great doorstop.

Another issue if the fuel system for petrol. I honestly don't know if the LR tanks were different for petrol and deisle but you CANNOT put petrol into a deisel tank if it's plastic, the more volatile components of the petrol will evaporate through the plastic.

Plastic petrol tabks are either lined with nylon or flourinated, both are expensive which is why it's often not done on deisel tanks.

Same goes for the plastic fuel lines.

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I have done a swap to replace a V8/auto in a 99 D1 with a 300tdi/5 sp from a 96 model Disco. Its quite straightforward going that way because the electrics become simplified. The tdi only needs a few wires to run especially if the EGR is removed. The Disco 1 I believe is very similar to the RR classics of the same period.

It is necessary to remove the fuel pump from the in tank unit and replace the pump space with a piece of fuel tubing. If you are careful to keep the transfer case in the same place, everything will fit nicely but the engine mounts on the tdi are set back further than the V8 mounts.

I cut mine off and rewelded the tdi mounts in.

Most of the other stuff, rad, expansion bottle, air cleaner etc fit straight in with very little effort as holes already exist.

I had the added job of fitting the 2 pedal arrangement with a clutch pedal etc using parts from a RHD assembly to my LHD assembly but even that turned out quite simple.

As for me, I have a hard time understanding why folks want to drop in such a gas guzzler engine when its so easy to tune up the 300tdi. Sure its a slower engine and noisier but its also a lot of work to create a thirsty beast.

Given the abundance of 300tdi engines, I would think that getting a good used one would be a better proposition than repairing one that had had a big breakdown.


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I replaced my knackered 300tdi engine with a new 4.6 RV8. leave the fuel tank alone its fine. you just need to put in a range rover high pressure fuel pump and some new hoses. The 4.6 has huge amounts of smile factor over any 300 tdi in terms of power delivery. But alas it is thirsty. a bit more fettling on the mega squirt should calm that side of things down though.


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