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Not like that! :o

You can find the odd place in valley bottoms that has that sort of three-feet-of-freshly-recycled-sewage look about it - but you can usually drive round it! I can see why people were saying the other day when discussing the Ladoga, that the best thing is to carry half a dozen winch line extensions and forget about a ground anchor.....

I think if I had to paddle round in stuff up to my waist (or higher judging by some of those photos) I'd probably give it a miss, that's getting a bit too serious for me :ph34r:

I guess there must be something vaguely hard underneath though, or the vehicles (and maybe people) would just disappear :o

Good fun to have a go though, as long as you had:

1) a good washing machine

2) an immersion suit

3) somebody else's vehicle ... that you didn't have to clean before you gave it back :lol:

I was just thinking about the most appropriate vehicle to tackle it with and I reckon if you had a Bowler Wildcat with one of those jack thingys built into the belly, it ought to work a bit like a paddle steamer if you could modify it to "flap" a bit faster :lol:

The other thing about stuff like that is that it usually smells like **** as well as looking like it! :unsure:

Very, very impressive pictures!

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