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300Tdi lost the power without notice


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First of all, sorry about my poor English.

I have problem with my 1996 300tdi Disco (manual, no EGR, not EDC). Without any notice lost the power. Currently the engine is like the simple diesel.


Max speed is 90km\h

No smoke with full throttle.

Boost pressure building up very slowly

No any wrong noise from the engine

Start without problem.

The engine is 300tdi 240k Km. No EGR, NO EDC

This is the list what we checked and tested:

Tank full with diesel

Sedimentor clean

Flushed the fuel line

No air in fuel

Fuel filter new (tried with two different brand)

Air filter new

No blockage in air pipes and intercooler

No blockage in fuel line

Turbo ok

Boost line is not leaking

Fuel pump boost sensor membrane seems to be good. Not feel any lake

Fuel lift pump working fine. Pressure is 1.2Bar

Tried to run the engine with external test fuel tank: No difference

Tried different diesel

Injectors age are approx 40k. No smoke!

Measured the turbo boost pressure: the max is 0.95 bar at 3000-3200 RPM, but building up very slowly.

(In the past I felt the turbo boost around 1800 rpm)

No any special noise from the engine, Idle is good, running like before except power.

It seems that no enough fuel for the engine.

The strange thing that was no notice before power lost. On weekend it was ok, next time on Monday after start, felt the problem.

I have no idea what can be else

Would you be so kind to help me, where can be the problem?


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The boost pressure builds up but on high rev. and slowly (0.95 Bar). Most of the power not comes back.

Not checked the waste gate jet, but I think if the waste gate has leakage, boost can’t build up.

Today, we will remove the fuel injection pump and send to specialist.

(He mentioned that in the high pressure head locates one small filter that can blocks the fuel too)

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The diaphragm and/or the pin which travels up and down the shaft on it can seize in the pumps, so will also have the same effect as an air leak in the pipe back to the turbo - no fuel enrichment.

Hi BogMonster

Problem solved

Thanks your help. The diaphragm shaft stacked. After a clean and lubrication, engine had back the power. It seems now little bit better than before.

Strage that no any internal lubrication for the pin and shaft.

Thanks again.


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Power lost again. Diaphragm shaft lubrication not solved the problem.

Removed the injection pump, and sent to specialist.

The problem was that the turbo boost sensor pin and mechanism corroded inside the pump body. Everything else was ok. Specialist had never seen that.

Rebuild the pump, and now I have a “new car”. Power and torque are much better then ever before.

Boost comes around 1500rpm.

It was cheap tuning :) (approx 90 Pound was the rebuild cost here in Hungary)

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