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Stolen Land Rovers in Sussex


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Just had an email from my dad who gets emails from Hampshire Constabulary Horsewatch/Countrywatch. Apparently four Defenders have been stolen recently in Sussex. I don't have any other details at the moment, but if you're offered anything that seems a bit cheap, it may be a tad warm.

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Right, sorry for the delay, have been waiting for some extra details. Turns out it was actually two thefts and to attempt thefts:

1. Stolen - F962KLBL (this is obviously an incorrect VRM, but it would be "similar to") - Landrover Defender - C/F: SALLDVAB7EA348388 - stolen from Heyshott (near Petworth)

2. Stolen - M231UVS - Landrover Defender - Stolen from Hammer near Haslemere.

3. Attempted to steal Landrover defender from Henley near Fenhurst - damage to lock barrel - 4 x wheels stolen

4. Attempt to steal Landrover Defender from Bignor area, near Petworth. 4 x wheels stolen

Craig Dunlop

Police Community Support Officer/Wildlife Crime Officer

Midhurst & Petworth Neighbourhood Policing Team

Tel: 0845 60 70 999 Ext. 88229 Mobile: 07795 800980

If you have any info, please pass it on to Sussex Police.

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Some young "geezer" knocked on my door at 6pm about a month ago asking if he could "wash my car" (there were about 4 cars on the drive at the time.)

He looked decidly shifty and nervous when i opened the door (there were 3 quite large fellows in my kitchen in their chainsaw/sawmill clobber and they can sniff BS at 100 yards.

So, we said "err no thanks, and would prob be helpful if you came in daylight and brought a bucket", he left.

However, he came bk about 4 days later at midnight (i live in rural W. Sussex), only to be caught deep into my driveway by my trusty employees (ex Polish army major) who put a torch in his face. Of course he ran off like a scalded cat.

Called Police and they said there have been a spate of 4X4's stolen along my lane.

Have upgraded security on defender, nuff said! Keep you toy safe.

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