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Temperature guage faulty?


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Does anyone have any idea how to check if my temp guage is faulty?

it hardly moves on a warm day, but i recently flushed and refilled the rad and adjusted the cables, and after sorting a few air gaps, it's all fine, the heater is hotter than it's ever been, i've even made a rad muff to get a bit more warmth.

the problem is this; the only time i can remember it getting anywhere near the red is when we were towing a large caravan uphill for a good few miles in May. but i did a quick 20 mile run up the M4 a week ago forgetting to move the rad muff and the guage barely moved, even though the heater was working fine.

And, a few days ago. i'd been out for a run, and on the way back the heater suddenly went cold.

At all times through this the temp guage has barely been off the lower white mark...

Any ideas?

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