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Anyone using "Link Straps"?


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Just wondering if anyone has used these?


They look like they'll solve several storage/securing issues I have but I was wondering about the quality/longevity of them.

Also, I'd never use bungee straps for securing a ladder to the roof, but these link straps are doing that in the photo. Again, has anyone tried this? It would be far easier than looping ratchet straps around them and trying to fit hooks through my roof rails <_<

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No, I haven't seen them or used them.

The link you have provided doesn't show the ladder retention you mention.

The picture that is provided shows no detail whatsoever.

The product is also shown as out of stock, with no known availability date.

The one review dates from early 2009.

If you want something in your Christmas stocking you perhaps need to look elsewhere :-)

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There are loads available to buy in time for Christmas on Ebay, or from motorcycle accessory shops, but as ebay links tend to "end" I thought I'd pop a more permanent link up. Sorry :rolleyes:

If you are interested in them then there's some more info about them here:


I did use www.google.co.uk and found quite a few pictures and some info for them, but most of teh reviews that I found were 1st time use by motorcycle riders, so not really a good indication of how long they last, if they'd be any good for securing items in teh back of a Landy or ladders on teh roof of one.

Maybe I should have worded the question differently.

"If (and only if) you have used Zuru Link Straps please could you comment on their longevity and usefulness for securing items such as ladders to roofracks and for hanging strops in the back of a Landy."


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