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Current Drain


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Hi all, hoping for some electrical advice.

My battery keeps going flat so I realised something was draining current. I put a multimeter between the positive battery terminal and the main red cable and can see something is drawing 2.6a - enough to flatten the battery over two days.

Process of elimination traced it to the alternator - if I remove the cables from the back or the big 100a fuse there is no current drain.

So my question is, do alternators do this sometimes? If so, is there a diode or rectifier that can be replaced? I'm not too good with electrics but will muddle through if someone can point me in the right direction.


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You can replace the rectifier pack on the alternator, go to a good auto car spares or auto electric shop with the alternator and they should be able to source one for you, thre bolts on the back of the alternator. Think its part number RTC5671 but not 100%



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