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200tdi problems


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200TDI with approximately 120k miles on it.

Originally from a Disco but all ancillaries changed so same as a defender one.

It is using about 1 litre per 250 miles.

There is no evidence of a massive oil leak.

Its not smoking excessively.

The turbo is the one from my original engine and there is some evidence of oil around the outlet to inter-cooler pipe at the turbo end.

I have checked the timing case (the wading plug was in) and no sign of any oil when plug removed.

The wading plug is not in the bell-housing & no evidence of any oil in there.

As a complete aside (probably because i treated it to £50 derv topup) it has decided to throw all its water out the back of the water pump.

How many types of water pump on the 200 tdi engine?

Any advise on the above welcome, especially if there is anything i should check while replacing the water pump.


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two different types of water pump on a 200tdi one for the disco and one for the defender-just make sure that when you get a new one it is either genuine or a decent after market one

Next question is what colour is the smoke is it blue? if so that'll be oil-Black is over fuelling and white is water vapour/injector problem-do you have any other oil leaks on or around the engine-as in is there any leaking from the sump pan/ oil dipstick tube and does the engine breath?

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There is a hit of blue about the exhaust smoke. I would expect a lot given the amount of oil its using though?

It is not breathing heavily, oil vapour from rocker cover but no pressure to speak of.

I think i will put the turbo that came with the disco engine on & try that as it looks pretty easy to swap over.

So looks like cold hands again wrestling with water pump and turbo.

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Further checking of the oil filler, when the engine revs there is negative pressure on the cap.

I assume this is because the breather leads into the engine air inlet.

To fully check for top end pressure do i need to remove the pipe from either the inlet or rocker cover?


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is it leaking around the oil filter seal? from what I understand (which isn't a great deal so someone correct me if I'm wrong please) but you will lose oil from around the seal of the filter if the filter hasn't been fitted correctly. This will happen more so when the engine is running because of higher oil pressure but you will not notice it so much when the engine isn't running.

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Checked air filter, no sign of any oil in there ... but the 200tdi breather is after the filter rather than before as the 2.5td.

Its going to the garage tomorrow (dont have time & no access to anywhere to repair it, damn it) so i will get them to check the oil filter when they fix the water pump.

The forecast is for snow towards the end of the week down here & i bet it is still off the road & i will have to struggle around in the old bmw.

I rekon the landy knows its going to snow & dislikes like the stuff so breaks itself ... it always appears to be broken when it snows.

Perhaps i could do a snow forcast based on when the landy breaks down!

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Not good news from the garage.

They have identified the water leak as a gasket failure on the timing case to block gasket (err1607)

Anyone had this one fail & had any luck with radweld or similar or any tricks to fix without having to dismantle the whole timing case etc?

Looks like the oil problem is on the back burner for now.

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