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Windscreen wiper slack - all of a sudden...


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I've got a TD5 bulkhead in my LR90 with original wind screen wiper setup.

Today I had the wipers on 1st speed, went over a small bump and they started to not fully sweep the screen. Now there is a good 15-20 degrees slack (just under half a sweep) its effected both wipers and they both still act together, but now when you put the wipers on they either over sweep the window (catch the rubber frame) or under sweep the window and hit the rubber on the bottom of the windscreen.

I think i can eliminate that the cogs on the drivers are worn, or evn the drive wire, it feels like an end stop had moved/dropped off. Is there any common problems that happens to the wiper motor mechanism? It has been clicking for a few weeks and its had a hard life with the snow.

Anyone any ideas, has anyone got any drawings etc of whats inside the wiper mechanism?



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there isn't a end stop for the drive cable, it's all controlled by the motor & the gear inside, maybe the motor is loose in it's mounting or the drive cables tube is undone at the motor end or both splined parts where the wipers fit on are slack on the wheelbox shaft.

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ok, sorted. Thanks for the suggestions.

Crank arm retaining clip (inside the wiper motor drive assemblie) had broken and allowed the mechanism to go all slack and sloppy, transplanted some bits from an older wiper unit and it went back together ok.

Things to note:

1986 era motor wiper park point is different, also swept angle is 114 degrees, TD5 era unit swept angle is 140 degrees - this was stamped on the crank wheel inside the motor assemblie.

Laborious job to remove all the dash to get to it, but easy enough.

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