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I have set Megasquirt up on the 90 and it runs great! The engine starts from cold and runs up to temp without touching the throttle.If then you switch off and leave cool down to mid temp and then restart the idle fluctuates between 600 and 1200 rpm until the engine is rev'ed to 1500rpm for a few seconds and then released to idle.I have an Innovate lc01 wideband lambda fitted and the flucuating idle seems to be linked to the lambda heating up and setting itself- Anybody got any ideas?

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I'v had it on open and closed loop and tried the warm up enrichment up and down.One thing i have noticed is that the faster cold idle rpm doesnt kick in till its been rev'ed and running for a couple of mins.At mid temp if I switch the ignition on and wait until the lambda has set up it starts perfect?

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The EGO C ontrol could be the prob -i have the following settings

sensor-single wideband

ignition events-33

controller step size-2

controller auth-5

active above-71 deg

active above-1000rpm

active below tps- 50

active below map-75

active above map 40


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