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Disco 2 front axle conversion for challenge Truck


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Morning all,

I am currently looking into axle modifications for my challenge truck as its the next step and was wondering what route to go down.

I currently have a challenge 90 with range rover 1981 10 spline alxes on it with dual brake lines. I spoke with ashcroft and priced up to convert to 24 spline and its all standard bar the modified stub axles i needed.

Had a look at santa's and saw a few running Disco 2 front axle's.

Looking on the ashcroft site seems it may be a cheaper route to go for shafts and CV's. so my question is, basically how easy is it to convert this axle to fit my challenge truck. It is based on a range rover chassis however im sure mounts arn't an issue but i was wondering how do people get around the abs issue and what other issue's do i need to look into before deciding. Would it be easier just to change the internal of what i have now.

Any help much appreciated, did a quick search but it didn't come up with two much i couldn't see so if its already covered please re-direct me.

Happy Christmas


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Speak to Mike or Malc at Whitbread Offroad, they fit D2 axles to their Thugs so should be able to answer your questions.

Just bear in mind a couple of drawbacks - your choice of wheels becomes smaller, your track width will increase and you cant replace the bearings individually.


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If you go through the hassle of swapping axles, why on earth would you use LR axles???? There are WAY better axles out there that are cheaper to build and WAY stronger out of the box.

D2 stuff isn't all that strong.

What he said.

Nissan Patrol fronts bolt straight on IIRC.

Or go for yota axles with lockers already fitted. More fab work involved with that option.

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