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TD5 Temp sender/guage in 300tdi

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I know this topics been covered well but i couldnt find a final answer for my question

i have recently followed retroanacondas brilliant guide on how to replace the guages on my 300tdi with the td5 ones i also did the warning lights at the same time.

my problem is that i could never get the temp guage to work changed the sender twice for the green one AMR1425 i think. eventually thought it might be the cable even though it worked for the old one so very crudely ran a new cable from sender to guage and hey presto it works. now though it happily sits mid way all the time unless i giv it any power at all then it climbs up neer the end of the white scale towards the red.

now i would think that this is perfectly normal really except for the fact it never used to do that, almost the entire cooling system has been replaced this year because it has a personal vendetta against me and also the fact that my viscous unit on the fan is completely foobarred so constantly spins :( GRRRRR.

this is going to be replaced i just wanted to sort the guage befor e i messed with the only thing cooling my engine.

I suppose my question is, is my sensor and guage fine but the new cable i ran in meant to have something in it, i.e resistor, nuclear warhead or something. or is just a plain cable ok????

ANY Help Please :))))))


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With your new cable, have you bypassed the part of the circuit that feeds the coolant temp signal into the speedo head and back out again?

It should go from the temp sender on the engine, through the vehicle loom into the back of the Td5 speedo, then back out again and to the gauge.

Without this pass-through the gauge will read wrong, as there is an adjustment made to the signal (damping etc.) by the speedo head.

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Ahh brilliant exactly the bit of info I needed

Yes I'd gone straight from sender to guage temporary as was waiting to check I wasnt skipping any other devices out of the circuit before I plumbed it all in properly

Thanks so much

You certainly know this conversion jobbie well

(I feel thick now :( )

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