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I have an 1989 110 county station wagon with a lot of body damage. Door rotten, roof badly dented etc. I have a chance of getting some good 109 station wagon parts cheap. Does anyone know if the roof off the 109 would fit the 110? Also are the rear doors and wings suitable?


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Rear doors will have different locks but will fit with tinkering. Rear wings will be a devil's own job to swap as the rear body is all one bit - lots of drilling out of rivets etc. and I'm not sure the panels are identical (they will fit, but may be a different profile).

The roof won't swap as the Defender windscreen is taller (109 is flat across the top, Defender curves up) so unless you want to swap the windscreen as well you're out of luck.

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Changing the windscreen would foul the Construction and Use regs - the windscreen was enlarged and made single piece to satisfy legal requirements, so a retro-fit would infringe that.

The tub side panels are not interchangeable - the length and height match, but the wheel arch profile and position are totally different; 110 rear axles are much further aft than 109s' and are symmetrical rather than "flowed". The front wing outer panels would fit, but would need to be cut and bent to take the plastic spats.

Hard top side panels and doors are about the only interchangeable panels, but the doors will need their strikers and check straps transferring too.

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