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Been looking at a few Freelander 2L diesels with issues and was wondering if parts from the cars in the Rover range were interchangable?

1. Is the turbo on the 420/620 Rover car the same as fitted to the 2l Di Freelander

2. Is the gearbox from the 420/620 Rover car interchangable with the 2l Di Freelander


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It's all based on the same thing so lots of bits will be the same, or swappable (which isn't the same thing). Obviously Rover didn't make 4x4 cars so the gearbox may well fit (I know the petrol ones are the same unit - PG1) but you'll only have front-wheel drive.

That said, there's plenty of breakers out there selling stuff on eBay and the like which has come from the correct vehicle, so probably not worth the hassle unless you have some wacky project in mind.

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