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Defender juddering as pull away

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Hi all, my 90 has started to judder quite badly as I pull away in first. It's much worse when I pull away in second. It seems to be fine when I am moving and only happens when I pull away. It didn't seem to happen when I tried reversing. Any ideas? Please tell me it's just my clutch slipping!

Thanks in advance for your help


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200tdi original gearbox, am losing tons of clutch fluid and clutch is past it's best so it's in for a clutch and hydrolics change later this week (which is why I am praying it is the clutch and nothing else). I don't use it for towing but the previous owner might have.


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ok, do you have hydraulic fluid leaking out your bell housing? sounds like you could have got fluid on your flywheel/clutch from the leaking cylinder.

Make sure you get a heavy duty plate fitted, also advisable to get a new clutch release bearing/carrier and heavy duty (re-enforced)clutch fork, by doing that you're covering all the bases for having to go in there again, if donw properly using good parts, it should last you a afair while.

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Thanks everyone. Sorry for short posts, posting using iphone

Got where I was going ok, after a while it was much better so assume I burnt off some oil on the clutch plate. Off home in a mo so hopefully I'll get back ok. Will post later to let you know. Am so pleased it's in for new clutch on thurs though!

Western, where will I find the mounts? I told you I'm mechanically inept ha ha :D

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Great thanks Western, I'll check them.

Got home fine, the level of hydraulic fluid in the reservoir is low though. I'm certain its a leak from the slave. I do have to bleed the clutch quite often so its probably been getting worse recently.

I've asked for the heavy duty clutch plate (UQB000130 - thanks once again to western for the part number) but the guy who does my Landy says that he's only fitted those to the 300Tdi and not to a 200Tdi. I'm not sure if he meant that he can't/won't fit that part or that he has not done it up til now.

Thanks for everyone's input today, much obliged.

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it'll fit, got one on my Defender 20tdi engine, clutch assembly & flywheel are common to 200 & 300Tdi engines, so you & your garage mate have no need to worry.

plus I believe the standard 6 spring friction plate has been superseded by this newer HD version for Defenders.

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