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Heated Seats


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Righty o,

I got off my lazy butt and stripped my p38 seats last week to sort the heater elements.

So now they're both back working fine :) but not amazingly hot :(

I functioned them by bypassing the thermal switch and they got nice n warm, so was wondering if people have changed out this switch for a higher temperature version - if so what temp ?

RR.net say that the normal switch operates between 33 and 25 deg C. i've not personally tested it. And he upgraded to a 45 C switch.




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I don't think the link you gave is the optimum one for showing the thermostat upgrade, with the component supply links.

http://www.rangerovers.net/repairdetails/seats/seatheat4upgrade.html is better.

I've not done this upgrade, but when I went looking for replacement elements I got some from Volvo seats, as I reckoned they would be the manufacturers with the most experience, and least likely to scrimp on quality.

I recovered complete elements, including thermostats, but never fitted them.

I suppose all I'm offering here is a possible source of alternative thermostats, if you have the sort of scrapyard around that will allow you to dismantle the cars yourself.

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As mine have stopped working I'm watching with interest. I wonder how long the elements will last runnibg at higher temperature.

Does anyone know if the seat heater will wrok when no-one is sat there? and what sort of resistance readings do you see across the elements. I suspect that one element has shorted out and caused the other to run too hot and fail. These are second hand seats so I don't know their history either.

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If you read the link above, it'll show you which 2 plugs you can check continuity on. And i'll put money it's the seat base which is buggered.

Get some hog ring pliers and rings...or you will not be able to strip / reassemble the seat ! Took me an hour per seat from start to finish.

IIRC, i got about 1ohm resistance on the seat base.


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