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Shocking dilema

Richy B

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Hi all, I have a dilema :rolleyes: Wifey refuses to drive our TD5 90 51 plate :( Basiclly I really need to firm up the ride all round, So Guess firmer springs n appropriate dampers, The vehicle Is a every day day driver and green lane excursions to wales ect, Also tows a landy comp truck around the country, We also have a trip planned to morrocco 2011 :D

So can i really justify shelling out on OME !! huge money but not heard a bad word about um, Or a terrafirma set up, or is there a "firm" landy option ??

Or does anyone sell Thicker/stiffer a/roll bars? I believe the company that sell orange extreme bits used to ? but really dont want to try n deal with um again :angry:

Meant To say i have a bearmach/pro comp set up at the mo, Which is fine for off roady stuff but is a bit "exiting" on the road ;)

Cheers for any replies, looking forward to ordering um up as soon as poss

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I would say either

- As people have said Genuine Springs with +1 shocks from OME/Terrafirma which is what we will put onto our 90 once its comes for renewal as the ride is fine for everything and the +1 shocks will just maximise any travel on it.

- Go OME, I run OME on my Disco and though I didn't pick up the cost as they where there when I brought then I would but them again at the drop of a hat. The setup is nice and firm on roads with little role yet off road I have more than enough articulation to get the wheels right up into the arches on all corners. Plus unlike other lift kits they last, it must be 5 to 6 years old now and is showing no signs of flag unlike some makes....



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My V8 90 wears genuine 90 HD rear, and genuine 110 dual rate springs on the front.

These with De Carbon shocks give a superb ride. A little firm for off road, great on road cornering and towing is nice and steady.

If you already have ARBs then you should be able to achieve some decent handling with the right setup. Lifts and oversized or mud tyres will only serve to worsen road handling aroud corners.

Years ago we had a 1987 90 CSW, it ran 205R16 Michelins and totally std suspension. It cornered like it was on rails (by LR standards anyway)

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