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Crank seal alternative


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The crank seal seems to have let go last night on my 2.25 pet engine, after working my nuts off to get it back on the road.

I only replaced the seal 4 years ago, so being p%$$#d off with it is a slight under statement. I heard you can use a 200tdi crank seal, which is a proper rubber style, and not a poxy dowty type instead.

So really i'm wondering if anyone can clarify this, as i don't really want to use another dowty?

Thanks in advance


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I've had no end of trouble with 200tdi crank seals. We have seen a few leak for a little bit and then bed in. Only use the OEM seal (should have a plastic applicator), I LM greased all surfaces and also RTV'd round the metal mating area of the seal on the last one we did. Seemed to work ok.

Most important thing is that it goes in straight, we cut the rubber from the old seal and the use that as a drift for the new. I have wondered if you could put a second seal in, but I don't think there's enough space.

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Well as a follow up, i decided to pull the lump in this delightful weather and replace the seal. On inspection it seemed that there was nothing wrong with the lip itsself... except that it could rotate withing the aluminium body/ sleeve. :blink:

Which would probably explain why it seemed to gush out when you turned the engine off, and not when it was ticking over.

so it looks iike i will eb puttign it back in today... in 6 inches of snow, could be worse, could be raining :D

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