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Parasitic Current Draw of 8amps

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i have a current draw of about 8 amps with everything off.

  • Disconnected live to the second battery and still there.
  • Removed all the Maxi fuses together and still there.
  • Removed all the little fuses one by one and still there. Never had them all out together.

any ideas on what i should be looking for ?

I'm reading the draw across the (open) Battery Kill Switch. Its not the FIA type but does have a 25Amp fuse across its terminals the keep the radio and clock going. If i pull this fuse this is where i'm measuring the current. I've noticed my battery draining over about a week to the point where there's only one green "dot" left on the display. To be honest i would have thought 8amps would drain it faster than that but the 110 still starts after a week fine but the battery is getting low. 12.2V is the last green dot.

Help !

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you got me thinking,,,,you were correct ( and so was I ) 8amps is way too much. So i've just been out to the guy over the road and borrowed his meter. Showing 250mA. Changed the battery in my Fluke and tested it against his. Mine is now showing 247mA.

Panic over........still think thats a lot for a clock !

I'll do the same again now the damn thing is working. Who'd have thunk it. Damn Battery. I suppose its been in there for 10 years as its last calibration was 1999. :o

Thanks for confirming/saving my sanity. Its still draining the battery though........

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