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Flatbed 90

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Hi all,

I had a quick search but couldn't find much info at all let alone pictures.

I'm thinking about cutting the tub off the 90 and making a flatbed type arrangement. I'v been bouncing a few ideas around and I think i'd build a secure box the width of the chassis rails accessed from a fold up section of the flatbed or similar. Really i was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of similar projects, pictures would be great!

This isn't meant to be a tray back type thing that makes for better offroad geometry, it's meant to make a practicle flatbed. My tyres stick out about an inch so on the front i'm going to put wider spats then probably build the rear bed to the same total width as the new spats come out to and extand it beyond where the rear of the tub would normally end. Other than this it's all just ideas.

Anyone have any thoughts?



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Hmmm, the problem I could see is that 90's can buckaroo like one of those spinny buckaroo (hold on for your dear life) simulators. If you did flat bed it, be sure to put nice meaty achor points in the floor so you can strap everything down properly.

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