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timing possibly?


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hey all,

ive recently changed the head gasket on my 01 freelander 1.8 petrol.

2 weeks on and still perfect :D , except in the last couple of days

ive started to hear a loud clicking noise from the underside of the engine :huh: .

could it be from the timing being slightly off?

i have a list of stuff that needs to be replaced, including the gearbox and previously removed

rear drive. could it be either of these?

cheers for any help

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Clicking, ticking, rumbling, banging, clonking, grinding, pinging...?

Engine speed related, road speed related, load related, temperature related...?

Have you opened the bonnet / got under it & listened to localise it?

Has it got the correct amount of oil/water/other fluids in it? Has it lost any? Did it boil?

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