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Disco 200tdi in Def - Gear/Trfr Box confusion !


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I have a 1989 Defender 90 which has a Disco 200tdi lump connected to the original Def gearbox and transfer box. I can only get 55/60 out of her before she is screaming and a local mechanic recommended fitting a disco gearbox and transfer box. Ive waded through the forums and there seem to be conflicting stories / advice over what needs to be done. I am no mechanic just an enthusiastic amateur wanting to learn. So in simple terms should I buy a disco gbox and tbox and if so can I assume these will fit straight onto my current engine and bellhousing ? or do I just buy the disco transfer box and will that fit straight onto my currrent def gearbox.

The engine side is sorted i.e. the disco engine is already in so dont need the guidance on that part. Please someone give me simple answers or point me to where I can find them as my poor small brain is fried from wading through forums and working out the conflicting guidance! Thanks.

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what engine was in it originally ?

the Discovery main gearbox will not easily fit, it'll need either metal work mods to the seatbox or gearbox will need stripping to convert to the 90's gearlever location,

you can use the Disco 1.2 transferbox, fairly straight swap, your existing transferbox might have the 1.667 gearing, hence engine not working happily.

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many thanks - really appreciate the advice. Just lost all my oil pressure so will be swapping the engine for one ive rebuilt so a great opportunity to sort the transfer box too !

I've done a recent engine change from a disco into my 110.I also had a 1.66 t/box in,which I've now swapped over for a 1.2 disco box...you may find the water pump sits at a slightly different angle for the bottom hose,but I just butchered one to fit.I also had to use the steering pump from the defender engine,as the fittings were completely different and had to change a pulley or two.You may also have to change the temp switch,mine still shows it's running hot.

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