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Raised air intakes

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I have a feeling the Mantec plastic ones have some sort of clip in arrangement, which to me looks carp and is about as waterproof as my pants, but I don't think it needs extra holes, may be worth checking out. Safaris certainly have holes outside the intake area.

I assume you're looking for something that can be taken off without leaving scars?

You can't view that thread without being a member of Madlandy but FWIW I've never heard of engine management lights coming on with Pumas due to snorkels and there are quite a few fitted round here.

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Yep, I just don't fancy the additional holes outside of the intake area plus I'm not a great fan of external plastic pipework. That's not to say there's anything wrong with it, it's just my personal preference.

I've heard about the light issue too, I suppose it all boils down to the amount of restriction inherent in the design.

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