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Fab Welding Tweak to add to Christmas Lists


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I never ever knew these even existed :ph34r:

What a little gem find this was. :rolleyes: what ? I hear you ask ?

A autowelding helmet "Dioptre" lens - ie to you and me "Magnifying lens"


Its superb, I bought a 2 x as its all they had, they do a 3 x and a 4x and many many

welders swear by them for fiddly work where you just wish everything was "Bigger and Easier to see" :angry:

Pics :

post-22-039384700 1292607564_thumb.jpg post-22-075033800 1292607573_thumb.jpg post-22-052899000 1292607582_thumb.jpg post-22-030281600 1292607598_thumb.jpg

Makes such a vast difference - mine was bought as a Speedex 9002v Add on, but might fit others, or may be your

helmet maker does them - Absolutely superb.

However, if you keep it on and walk around the workshop you seem to end up doing

an impression of an extra from "Shaun of the Dead" :P

£10.85 + VAT for moi - BUY ONE !


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