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Option to buya 90


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A good friend offers you a 90 a good price.


1988 E Reg


1 owner from new

2.5 TD

FSH inc all receipts

<50k miles

MOTd and Tax'd

good overall condition.

totally original spec vehicle even down to rims and 6.00 16s tyres.

no pics available

You already have a challenge vehicle and a tow vehicle so dont really need it.

However price will be good and its got a superb chassis on it, has been well looked after and loads of life left


1. Sell it on behalf of friend so he makes the profit (don't want to fall out) and he knows nothing on LRs etc.

2. Buy it at low price do it up to nice CSW spec etc and hope to sell on to make profit to pay for my time.

3. Buy it do it upto Challenge spec and flog it on.

4. Buy it do it upto challenge spec and make my ideal wagon then sell current challenge vehicle.

option 1 onto a quick bit of money for him, no hassle for me. depends on what its worth thouhgh - so your price guides please. if it comes in close to book price or within £500 then its really to good to let go for that sort of money. i guess value upto £3k?

option 2: alot of work on my part and how many people want a CSW with a TD? may not be to their spec etc.

option 3: unlikely to meet challenge spec requirement for someone else.s o prob a no go.

option 4: makes use of excellent vehicle chassis etc, prob needs tdi for competing though(?) convert to 1.5 crew cab etc, cage,winches, lockers etc etc = lots of cash/time

i have really answered most of my own questions but just seeing what you guys think.

so whats it worth?

and what would you do with the choice?

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unfortunately it looks like the owner is going to buy it him self off the firm having realised book price was £52 + VAT..............................

look slike i will be oding it up for him

shame really as i sold it to someone at work today unseen for £2k! suppose i had better unsell it.

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