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200tdi turbo n boost.


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Hi guys working on the 90 today tidying it up n sorting out a few issues. One being compared to a few other 200tdi's mine is slow. I have good acceleration i'n the first 4 gears. 5 th well it's pretty flat, 70 mph is achievable on a down hill or after mile if thrashing it on a flat. I thought it must be a turbo problem, started investigating n the air filter was clogged of mud. Changed that. Read a few posts regarding split pipes. Lose fittings. Etc. Checked it all, I don't have a rev counter or a boost gauge but might do after xmass. Now holding the top hose to the intercooler I know the turbo is fine n working as when I rev it up with the linkage the pipe expands n the turbo whistle slightly but I have to rev the engine flat out to get it to expand, once turbo kicks i'n and I let of the throttle the engine revs drop back down to the point where it wants to stall momentarily. Anyone got any ideas?



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h western, i had that all apart and cleaned the inter cooler out. no signs of them delaminating. I think it might need a fuel filter on it as it seems as if its not giving the extra fuel when the turbo kicks in, want to rule out all possibility before injector pump

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