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Help! 90 broken!


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I was driving home earlier and all of a sudden a huge banging noise came from under the car and then followed by an almighty grinding sound.

I turned the engine straight off, with the clutch dipped and rolled to the side of the road.

Trying gently, I tried 1st gear and all it did was grind from the rear diff. :(

It works with the diff lock on, but obviously I can't drive it with that on!

Can anyone tell me what's up and what it's going to cost to fix?!

Help please!

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Sounds like either rear diff or a rear half shaft has left go, pull out the half shafts first and see if they are broken, if they are OK, it's probably time to whip the diff out....

It's a simple, if a bit heavy job, but only nuts and bolts really :)

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As Bowie said really, either half shaft or the rear diff. Probably the diff by what you are saying, usually when the half shaft breaks it just makes a bang then stops working. Nuts and bolts and a bit of heavy lifting to fix, oh and you'll obviously need a replacment diff to put in.

If you dont want to tackle it yourself i know a chap near you that could probably pick it up on a trailer and do it fairly cheap for you. PM me and I can give you his number if you want.



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Thanks all.

Tom, I've contacted your mate and hopefully it'll be sorted early this week.

I've lifted the back up and both wheels spin freely with a distinctive sound of gears clipping each other and not engaging. So I'm guessing that it's not the half shaft, as it'd just be one side.

...Just what I need before Christmas. I'll add this to the MOT and tax that's due at the end of the month :(

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