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Front End Shimmey - Cured...


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The Rangie has had the typical steering wobbles for a while.. I've been renewing all sorts to try and make it more stable! :rolleyes:

The air suspension was a real pain and leaking springs seemed to mean she was getting up to all sorts and sometimes struggled to get up from "cruise" setting - A real pain in the neck on the fast but winding roads around here. Anyway, a couple of months ago I ripped the air suspension off and fitted OME springs and Disco isolators and that feels a lot better. It became a lot more secure but still danced a bit over bumps.

So, I checked the swivel preload and that was fine, renewed the track rod ends and indeed one was tight and the other past its best.

I swapped tyres around and put the best on the back then bought two new ones for the front - Same type as before.

CURED :D The old tyres were worn but not ilegal but the improvement is amazing... and actually embarassing :blink: as it has taken so long to get to what is maybe the most obvious solution.

Thinking back, I'd put the rear tyres on the front when I did the springs and wonder if they had been worn into a particular profile at the higher pressure I run on the back when I tow the trailer <_<

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