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defender slave cylinder

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HI.....my clutch slave sprung a leak today and i was halfway through taking it off today when the snow set in.......I have a Defender td e reg with a 200tdi discovery engine fitted.....

i was wondering if i cant get a slave tomorrow due too weather could i nick the one off my old discovery 200tdi too get me bye..............Also i was struggling to get the pipe nut undone with a 13mm is it actually meant too be a 1/2 in to be used????

many thanks from snowy stirling....

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if you have the 200tdi engine in both the clutch flywheel housing should be the same, an adult will be along to correct me soon if i am wrong :rolleyes: The only thing to bear in mind is making the discovery clutchless if you drop the pushrod off the clutch fork in the disco. you may be able to check the part no.s on the slave cylinder casting before removal.

be careful to try and leave the pushrod behind if possible in the defender, then you wont have the faff with the clutch fork clip on either vehicle. :)

Top tip someone(on here?) showed me, is bleeding the clutch from the top, from new you may want to let some fluid make it's way down the pipe into the slave, by cracking the slave bleed nut undone, push pedal a few times then tighten.

Rest can be done from the top.

Procedure: fill clutch reservoir to top. crack nut off on master cylinder, pinch up,

then push clutch pedal down to floor, hold down, open nut on MASTER cylinder pipe.

Let pedal back up (air and fliud will seep out). pinch up nut on master.

push pedal down to floor, open master cyl nut, release pedal, tighten nut.keep reser topped up

Repeat until firm and clutch is operating. The logic is that, air bubbles rise up the fluid/pipework naturally so it makes sense to remove them at highest point.


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Thanks for the replys.....all done..got the slave off but the pipe nut had welded itself in and was a complete pig too get undone.....had the grinder at it heat and all sorts.....

went too my local land rover garage to get a new pipe to go with the new slave and took the old one,,,and the nice man got it in his vise and magiced it apart???

He saved my life and did it for free as he didnt have a new pipe in stock and i need the landy.....

Anyway a big thumbs up for Gemm 4x4 in Larbert,Stirlingshire....

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