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Want to buy a disco

Steve Warman

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I currently have a 90 and would ideally move to a 110 CSW with an auto box. These don't seem to come up very often and are usually a bit too much for me as I only use the truck in bad weather or to carry out donkey work so I don't ruin the wifes new car.

I also have a need to have a child seat as my son is only 3 so it's usually quite cramped in the front with all 3 of ushence needing the second row of seats in a 110 or a disco.

Does anyone have any advise (and I know this could be like opening a can of worms but here goes) on what models to avoid or to look out for specifically?

Also any advice on what to look for when buyingwould also be appreciated but that can wait

I have found via a search the following areas to check

rear wheel arch - generally they're either rusty, rusted right through or repaired.

Check the boot floor

Check the Sills from underneath

Have a poke of the inner wings, passenger side tends to be worst due to more muck at that side of the road

Check the drivers and passengers footwell carpets to see if they are damp if they are then it's like likely to be rotten underneath

I'm probably looking at a D1 or D2 for price alone and want a diesel and preferably an auto.

If anyone has one to sell or knows of any going then do let me know.

many thanks


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Check under all the carpets for rust, as they do rust a lot.

Also when you say disco 1 or 2 do u mean 200 or 300 style, 'cos the discovery 2 is a bit different to a 300 tdi

and for tdi engines consider when the cambelt was last done,

To be honest doda, not sure what I want with regards to a D1 or D2, I'm after a 200 or 300tdi. The 200, as far as I'm aware from defender talk, is less complex but either would be good.

So a general look in all the nooks and crannies is well in order, makes sense.

Thanks Doda

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