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Shock Absorbers


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I know I've been away for a while, mainly work that and the game season for shooting is in mid flow.

Any how just checked the M.O.T paper work and there is a recomendation to renew the shock absorbers,

so how easy or hard is this job? and looking at other post on here fitting genuine seems to be the way


Thanks for any advice Cheers Mutley

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It is relatively easy – choke the wheels and jack it up on the chassis and remove the nuts,

Sounds easy but the front nuts are a pig to get off, mole grips on the flat on top and bottom of the shocks and pray the nuts move.

Give them both a good soak in WD40 before you start and it might just help.




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I find, given the prices of the bits, it's worth buying new retaining rings & nuts for the shock towers, that way you can be a bit more creative in the removing stages. Stick to gen parts though, we had some "HD" rings where the bolts were p*ssed and the welds retaining them broke when the nuts were tightened :angry:

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aye,it's a pretty easy job to do,although I personally would get new rings and check the turrets...commonsense if its all coming off.I fitted h/d springs and fancy shocks...wish I hadn't now.Landrovers are all tested to the limits without fancy setups,I'm settling for o/e next time

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rear ones simples, front ones PITA, as spring has to come out/up. The nut will have rusted to the shock at the base.

I used an irwin self grip pipe wrench on the lower body of the shock with a spanner/mole grips on lower nut. Turn the lower shock body not the nut. There isn't any room to swing a spanner under the front shock mount.

P.S when tighteneing new shock don't try and use a ring spanner don't ask me how i found out, once tightened down it becomes captive. :(

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