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Very Satisfying Rescue


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At lunchtime today I went to the next village to pick up wife and kids from playgroup. The route is across two steep Cotswold valleys, with very narrow twisty lanes plenty of snow and ice and no gritters. On the way home we followed at some distance a local landowner with kids and nanny in his Bentley R Turbo. He had a nightmare of a time sliding all over the place eventually getting stuck on a hill unable to go up or back down and blocking the road. He was after some help so I took a different route home and dropped the family off. When I returned he had the farm 110 in front of the Bentley, trying to pull it up the hill and that was going nowhere either. So from the top road, a quick pull with the winch got the 110 up and out of the way. We needed two long pulls with the winch got the Bentley up onto the main road. The first pull went fine but slowly as we inched it up the hill, all the time my 90 was in danger of being pulled down,as I had no way to anchor it.

Main lesson - remember to chock everything before detaching winch cable before the second pull. At the end of the first pul with everything apparently stable, I let a tiny bit of cable out so I could detach the hook and reverse up for the second pull, and immediately the Bentley started to slide back down the hill then pulling my 90 with it. (Fresh trouser / forum story moment - "farm tractor removes Bentley/Land Rover cocktail from hedgerow").

Luckily we had just enough manpower to stop the sliding after 4 feet or so and then get out whatever we could find to chock the Landy and the Bentley: one Land Rover metal chock, a trolley jack, a hi-lift base and a hi-lift adaptor - that Bentley is damned heavy but we had it secured. I then had to reverse back and winch across the main A road - causing a minor jam, as the Bentley was going nowhere until we got to the level ground of the main road.

The final problem was retrieving my towing strop. The Bentley has no towing eye or obvious tow point, and the manual was no help, so we put the strop around the front wishbones' bracket. It got well and truly jammed by the pull so had to be cut out (the middle section is still there).

One way to meet a neighbour!

He was going to Anglesey to get a ferry over to Ireland for Christmas - and decided to continue with the farm 110 rather than the Bentley. Excellent judgement - eventually. I hope he has had a safe journey

And, I suppose I should admit it, the first time I have got to use the winch really in anger in 2 years - and it looks good.

So my grin is spread from ear to ear and I feel as chuffed and smug as a chuffed smug person who has just one a Simon Cowell lookalike competition.

Maybe I ought to do the right thing and join 4x4 Response

Merry Christmas to all - Support the Forum !!!



PS Sorry no pics

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