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Maximum Clutch Adjustment


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Seasons greetings all!

After having only an inch or so of clutch left (the rest of travel was free play) i decided i should sort it.

I bought a new master and slave cylinder but before fitting i thought id see what adjustment i could get.

I have taken the end washer off and just got a thread or so holding the outer nut on and so its maxxed out!

This is now working great although i can feel the master cylinder is bottoming out at the end of the pedal stroke.

So, is this going to cause me problems?? i.e. should i expect the clutch to fail if it only is working at this adjustment??

I should add that i replaced the slave cylinder only 16 months ago with genuine so would hope its not that!

Also, the fluid was looking pretty murky. I did Bleed too and at first this made things worse as my wife lifted her foot up while i had the nut undone! :rolleyes:

I know this is really a process of elimination but i really need the 90 at the mo what with the weather and our living 5 miles from anything!

Any tips or advice would be greatly received!

Many thanks in advance


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Thanks Western.

I had set the clutch up using this diagram but I did wonder what the maximum adjustment would be?

My clutch doesn't slip, in fact it feels spot on. But, as I can feel the master cylinder start to bottom out at the end of the pedal stroke, does anyone think i might damage it?

My OP probably didn't explain this too well!

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