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Disco 1 V8 Orange warning light on dash


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Hi guys

This just happened twice on a 5 mile round trip. First of all vehicle details 93 (K) plate V8 3.5efi (hotwire)/LPG - Automatic 110,000 miles serviced every 5000m honest(have history).

OK onto the problem - running on petrol - on deceleration up to a junction (gearbox in D) the bottom right orange check light flashed, engine revs dropped to almost nothing ready to stall so gave it light throttle and back to life and running as smooth as again! (yeh that's the symbol - er sorry). Continued on until journey no problem until slowing up ready for a nasty snow covered country lane and it did it again. Anyway got back OK and when coming to a stop revs dropped but not low enough to stall so put gearbox in P and smooth idle at 800rpm. Any ideas of what's about to die or where to check.

The car has been faultless since I've had it over the last couple of years and is maintained by myself on regular basis.

Engine bits status - currently running and fitted at last service:

Bosch Iridium Plugs

New Lucas Dizzy cap

New Lucas rotor arm

Magnacore 8.5mm Red Plug & Coil leads

Bosch coil (original I think)

Checked all wiring connections, vac hoses and all in as new condition (this car has had an easy life and not offroaded, abused or messed about with)

At the last MOT the guy said it was running a bit rich on petrol but still passed.

I bought a new temp sensor (not sender) not long ago and was going to fit it in the near future just in case it's on its way out.

Anyway, over to you guru's to give me any leaders

cheers in advance


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