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Odd clack clack from fuel feed - any ideas?

Guest wunntenn

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Guest wunntenn

When I start up my 110 with 200 TDi it is fairly normal. Short run later when I stop and let it idle there's a distinct clack-clack-clack comes from the rear end. I put my hand on the fuel feed pipe running along the chassis leg and its thumping like a large artery. The clacking seems to be coming from the area in about the fuel tank so I'm assuming its a fuel feed thing. I felt the fuel pump on the engine and its not apparently responsible as there's no banging or vibration off it, and the noise seems to definitely be emanating from the tank end of the line. Whats going on - anyone got any idea? Is it some strange airlock or rythmic pulsing of a pipe in the tank or what? Seems to be running fine otherwise, but its puzzling that it only starts doing this when its warmed up a bit.

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