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3 bolt discovery axle onto defender.


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Hi all. Ive been offered a set of 24 spline axles of a discovery for not bad money. The issue i have is the discovery axle diff flange thing is only 3 bolt and my 90 one is 4 bolt(back one is not sure about front yet?).

So anyone know if the front one is aswell?

What sort of job is it to swap them about and how would you do it?

Cheers Russell

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Gwyn Lewis does a conversion kit for discoverys to convert to a std rear prop this kit is a replacement diff drive flange and nut and the appropriate prop.(I am sure others sell the bits too, couldn't quote part no. off my head)

I have got some 300 tdi disco axles that I am going to use on a defender and I intend on taking the 3 bolt flange off and replacing it with a std prop flange, I might change the oil seal while I am at it.

removing the 3 bolt flange thing and the center boss has been discussed on here recently, some people find they come off easy and some people struggle, I think that thee center pin is the issue if you want to take it off without damage.(not an issue in your case as you would be throwing that bit away)

I am sure someone will put a link to the post I am talking about.

front diff is a std 4 bolt prop connection, you might be best advised to use the disco hockey sticks,wider possibly better bushes?(depending on application).

I would use the 90 track rods(or change to sumo bars).

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As has been said the diff pinion flange can be changed, LR do/used to do a flange kit pt no STC3722. Another point is that a disco front axle might have taper rollers for both top and bottom swivel bearings rather than the 90's railco top bearing, if the disco axle has taper rollers at the top you will need to retain the disco's steering damper set up on the track rod if you want to avoid the R/H wheel shimmying when you are driving on the road. Been there, seen it and done it with new RRC/D1 type axles in a 109".

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