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Which K&N filters


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Can anyone help with K&N filters that fit the rover 3.5 V8 fitted in a series. I have a set of the big cone type but found they wont go in on the side where the heater is due to size.

I have seen some slim line oval ones online fitted to V8s but dont know the model and the K&N site is pretty useless.

Anyone got any ideas on filter part numbers or are you running them, how do they fair.

Do I just chop out the heater and be done with it, worse case option.



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Is there not enough room to fit a standard Range rover oval type box, or a round P6 one like this? I imagine possibly not as if a filter hits the heater, then the elbow on that side probably would too...


The filters are easy to get hold of though :)

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If your even thinking of going off road - bin them.

Actually, they are so poor bin them anyway :(


Yup, just look at some pics of Nige's 5.2V8 cylinder bores which were running on a free-flow filter setup....

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I have a V8 in a Series and run a 200TDi Defender airbox & filter, it sits on the passenger footwell (admittedly some people have a heater in this place) but there's other spaces it could occupy. Failing that, wander round the scrappy and find a likely looking airbox, a panel filter one may be a better shape (Freelander one may be a good bet). Just remember to make a note of what it came from so you can buy spare filters.

Given how tiny the Disco/RR filters are there's clearly no biggie on filter capacity.

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