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Rough running and boost questions

Phil B

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Right… a bit back I did me cambelt change and fuel pump change I can't help think whether the pump is advanced/retarded it runs ever so slightly bumpy then when I'm driving along mid revs on a constant speed it fluctuates ( kinda like kangaroo fuel ) i could put that down to fuel or maybe lift pump.....

Next question

All you peeps with big untercoolers how many of you have plumbed into the inlet fannymold to get full boost at inlets?? Or does it offer no benefit over just normal

Also those who have done this do you just block off the tee and run the pipe off inlet to the pump/boost guage or do you run the boost guage off the old setup

Cheers in advance

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It won't be the fuel pump at mid-range rpm. Try to beg, borrow or steal another set of injectors and try them, possibly one at a time. You can find out which injector is the culprit by slackening off the gland nut with the engine running. Or you may have an injector pump problem.

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