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Which Snorkel ?

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What's the best snorkel to fit to my 200Tdi 90 ?

I've had Safari on my Discos and liked them.

I'm thinking about putting a full cage on the 90 at some point, am I right that the Safari won't fit with a full cage ?

What about the Safari copies that are around at the moment - are they any good ? - they look a little 'cheap'.

Would a Safari top fit on a Mantec type snorkel ?

Has anyone got any recomendations ?



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Safari's are mental strong like, I rolled my 90 onto mine and it survived with only a light scratch!

The 200Tdi models don't have the greatest sealing method though, they seal to the wing and then rely on the (carp) Land Rover plumbing inside to take the feed to the airbox (also carp sealing-wise).

A better option is a through-wing model like the 300Tdi Safaris (although they fit the other side so you'd need to cut a hole) or the Southdown snorkels. These allow you to attach a hose directly from the snorkel to the (sealed up) airbox, giving you the most waterproof intake.

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I thought I would bring this alive again as I am going to fit a snorkel to my 200Tdi Defender soon. I am leaning towards the Safari snorkel (genuine not copy) but need some advice about sealing.

First up, what do I need to use to seal the side mount to the wing?

Secondly, what exactly do I need to seal between the wing and the airbox? Will I need to replace any hoses?

Many thanks


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The 200tdi snorkels only seal to the wing, then you need to seal the original wing air intake plastic to the inside of the wing, and ensure the original plastic is sealed all the way to the air box. The 300tdi snorkels have an extra pipe which comes through the wing (Therefore you do not need to seal it to the wing, only mount it to the wing) and you then simply jubilee clip it to the standard intake pipe (removing the original plastic 'box')

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Personally I like the Mantec AW type snorkel. Had it on my 110, just made the tubing fit in the enginebay.

They are really meant for a V8, but can be made to fit any engine I suppose, with the right bit of hose

under the bonnet.

They are handed, so you could have onr for the heater intake and one for the engine. :ph34r:

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