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What Has happened??


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Hsppy Christmas folks!

Driving home for Christmas and I looked in the wing mirror to see that I am puffing out extreme white smoke.

When at low revs it is worst and as the revs increase it clears temporarily.

Opened bonnet and there is a hiss which sounds like it is the cooling system but not sure where and maybe it is wet around engine bay.

Opened expansion tank and it was empty.

Lost heater too at same time as smoke started.

The engine did not get over normal heat.

Any ideas on what is the problem and whether I am safe to drive the hour dive home on boxing day.

Thanks as usual for helping..........


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You need to get some water back in here and take it slow, checking the temp gauge and taking stops to check fluid levels as it sounds very much like a head gasket failure, had it happen on my pajero, have you checked your oil to see if its milky? sorry not what you need at this time of the year, i would also be worried about warping the head if it hasn't already :(

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