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Merry Landy Xmas


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Ok the squeak has been there for a week or so but the cold weather meant all I'd done is jack her up and check the wheels. The bearings were all done in the summer and the slight play didnt seem to warrant any emergency work til things thawed out a tad.

So off I go to join the family for Xmas, 20 miles in and theres a bang and the bus feels like its hit something and skidded. Into a layby and out with the trolley jack, front wheel doesnt have any play now when I try to shift it, so thats good; grinding noise, abs light,poor steering and the back end occasionally stepping out. Thats bad.

So here we are back at home, thanks to the nice man in the recovery truck, Mrs not best pleased as I'm not there with her for the big day.

And what wheel bearings did I put in Brit(****)part ones.

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