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Hi guys first merry xmas to everyone.

i just bought a discovery 2 year 1999 300tdi engine. there's nothing wrong with it. i've own a defender 90 pick-up for the last 2 years which i've done loads of work on it including the engine conversion to a 200tdi.. i'm pretty handy with the land rovering :D i want to give my new landy a full service. she's got 120k miles on the clock i was wondering if anyone would advice on the recomendation on grade of oil for the engine, gearbox, t box, diff. just want to make sure if it would be the same as the defender?

thanks a mil for your help


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it's a 300tdi which i found weird because i thought the Td5 was introduced in 1998-2004 if i'm not wrong. any explanation for that? could it be a late 300tdi?

thanks anyway for your help

kind regards

If it's a Disco 2, it'll be a Td5. If it's a late Disco 1, it'll be a 300 Tdi. There's always the possibility that someone has retrofitted a 300 into a later vehicle, but I can't really see that.

Any pictures?


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I guess it could have been held in storage and registered later? I've heard of a few like that, un-registered to go abroad, order cancelled, so then registered here in the UK. In which case it'll be a "late" Disco 1.

Any pics?

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hi guys thanks for the help. it's definitely a disco1 with 300tdi. it's a late one. as it mention above it was one which was registered late even though it was manufactured before 1999. lights are the same as disco 1. i'll post some pics tomorrow. so would all the grade oil be the same as a defender. i presume it's not really different :unsure:

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