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List of dashboard bongs an their meanings?


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Merry Christmas folks.

I've just had my ECUs out of the car as part of my quest to find my three amigos fault.

I've put everything back and now I have 6 bongs when I switch the ignition on.

Is this a BCU setting that's reverting due to the power off?

Does anyone have a list of bong numbers and their meanings?


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6 bongs mean "Get your wallet out" :(

Ah that good ol' Disco song :)

I've not got any faults or warning lights reporting anything untoward, just the six bongs when turning on the ignition.

I've covered about a hundred miles or so since the bongs arrived and haven't noticed anything untoward.


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I have exactly the same 6 bongs when the ignition goes on.

Mine started following a problem with the alarm system. It initially refused to accept any of the key fobs and after finally getting it all back working the bongs started.

I had done a backup of the original BCU setting when I first got the nanocom but that didnt fix it either.

Have been living with it for over a year now "BONG :angry: " and no other faults are showing.

Would be great to find out what caused it, as per Gadget above I thought it was to do with the seatbelts but I drew up a list of all the possible combinations and worked through them all to no avail.


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