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Range Rover EAS Compressor


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It happened to me as well. My range rover HSE 1999 is now stuck on the bump stops. When I parked up last time, I thought the front end sunk down rather sharpish. Previously, I had success leaving the driver's door open for 5-10 mins then closing door and the car rose up. Not now though. The air compressor is too hot to touch. The 4x4 garage had already checked the system for leaks but all was OK. I was just told the air compressor was a bit lazy.

Any thought's on this guys ? Is the air compressor toast ? Is it an easy job to replace it and any safety aspects I should think of ? How long do you reckon the job would take ?

I haven't got any fault code show up on the dash, however would you have to check for any fault codes and get them cleared first ?


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You need to check for leaks instead of just assuming the pump has had it.

Check the lines to the air bags & the bags themselves, they tend to go where they fold over themselves.

Here's a link to rangerovers for you. Have a thorough read through & the links in the article & then have a look at yours.


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If your compressor was on it's way out, it would normally be heard from the driver's seat continually cutting in and out you will notice the noise most when you pull up from speed and the pump has to raise the body height from cruise height. A good pump will raise the body quite quickly . If the pump has been working hard to keep up with a system problem it will wear out the pump compression ring.

If your car suddenly sank it could be a defective bag/pipe OR the seals on one of the solenoid valves inside the box, if this gives up the line to it's bag will depressurise. Check your plastic pipes for wear or melting near the exhaust heat.

It is very easy to replace the piston ring or the whole piston, ring and cylinder liner and there are good online help instructions as posted above. All parts are available from ebayuk.

The pump comes out after disconnecting the outlet pipe, the power plug and the three mounting bolts, make sure you reinstall them the right way up. If rubbers are looking less than pristine, buy new ones with the other bits. Unless you are used to playing with motors and alternators do not try to strip the motor end to inspect the brushes, you will need a lot of patience and a bag of swearwords to get it back together.... unless you know the tricks.

When you replace the piston parts, ensure the grub screw on the conrod locates on the flat of the motor shaft, otherwise it will work loose and slip, motor turns, no pump reciprocating. My garage installed pump second hand lasted about 8000 miles before it started making wierd noises caused by poor assembly of the grub screw.

I normally keep a rebuilt pump in my spares box, then it is a 10 minute job to make the switch over.

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Thanks for your replies mates. I've not heard any noise from the air pump so don't know if it's had it. I'm learning fast. Not that worried about replacing the air compressor, seems easy enough, but the more I read the more I believe it might be a leak. On the other hand I've had periods when the suspension has stayed up or just the front has sunk down and/or the rear and with a bit of coaxing it's come up.

I will check the lines for wear or melting.

Either way it's not 100% so it will have to be a looked at by the garage.

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